What’s Entertain Me PR?

Photo courtesy of Brantley Davidson

As I minimize the tabs on my computer, I see the paused episode of Breaking Bad, an article about the Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 Winners List on Twitter and the latest album of Coldplay playing on Spotify; I realize that my life revolves around entertainment. I am constantly reading current pop culture news on social media or binge watching countless hours of a television show on Netflix just to stay up-to-date. So, I decided to create a blog to highlight the connections between the entertainment industry and my chosen public relations profession, and from there Entertain Me PR was born.

Entertain Me PR is a blog focused on public relations and all things entertainment. This means, I will cover topics including film, television shows, music, technology, popular culture as well as individual and corporate profiles in relation to PR. I want to explain the techniques the entertainment industry uses to effectively communicate with target audiences, especially through social media.

I’m intrigued with the way certain stories shape our culture. Why do I know that it’s the 10 year anniversary of High School Musical? Why is #OscarsSoWhite trending on Twitter? Why do I know that Kanye West wants to make a David Bowie tribute album? Why do I care? These are the types of questions that can be explained by public communications.

I’m entering the blogosphere with a little apprehension, but I hope this blogging experience will strengthen my written communication skills, broaden my knowledge and encourage valuable discussion. I hope to uncover new topics and understand better the dynamics between the entertainment industry and public relations.

“We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.”- Tony Robbins

With that said, I hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to explore Entertain Me PR. Be sure to check out my posts each week!


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