Chelsea Handler: Entertainer and Now App Creator

Photo: Saeed Adyani, courtesy of Netflix

We’ve all been in that awkward or unwarranted situation where we are just hoping and praying someone calls or texts us so we can slyly make up an excuse and leave. Well, who would’ve thought comedian and actress Chelsea Handler would be the one to the rescue?

With her new app, Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go, it allows you to make a fake phone call or text message so you can tell that person you “gotta go.” I downloaded the app to see what it was all about and it genuinely lives up to its title. Simply fill out an excuse or choose a preset one, assign a contact and wait for it to arrive.

The app truly maintains Handler’s image by staying true to her comedic nature, especially when you answer your phone to her voice. But don’t freak out, it’s merely a pre-recorded message with her instructions on how to make your “emergency” convincing.

Handler created the initial idea, but Yeti, an app development company, helped to build and design it. According to Tony Scherba, president and founding partner of Yeti, he said, “We wanted to build something that she could relate to, so we needed to find a problem that was a very Chelsea Handler problem.”

I think the developers hit a goldmine, and did not even realize it. The app is not just relatable to Handler but to everyday consumers. Its simple functionality and clear messaging of getting people out of “sticky situations” has a purpose, a unique one at that.

The strategic messaging and deliberate launch of the app to coincide with her recently streaming Netflix documentary, Chelsea Does, was spot on. The first installment of the show will feature the creation of the app. It will focus on her new business venture and the common public relations tactic known as the pitch. Although, her pitch to the investment firm, Foundation Capital, is said to be a bit unconventional, I think we can learn an awful lot from Handler.

Not only did she effectively cross promote her new app through the episode, but she has also shown us how the entertainment industry is capable of evolving with the incorporation of new technology. Handler, along with other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, realize the impact of social media and technology and harnesses its power into successful apps. So, well done Handler you’ve enhanced your personal brand yet again!


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