Entertainment PR: Expectations vs. Realities

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Most people when they think of entertainment public relations think of celebrities, red carpet events, and paparazzi. They think it’s about meeting fancy people and wearing fancy clothes. But there is a lot more to this highly sought-after job.

The reality is that working in the entertainment industry isn’t always so glamorous. Get ready because the world doesn’t stop revolving and neither does entertainment PR. So say hello to long hours and hard work.

Public relations professionals constantly need to stay up-to-date and it’s not any different from those in the entertainment industry. “The field of entertainment is nonstop” and you may have to work weekends for a special event or write a press release during Thanksgiving.

What tasks does an entertainment PR practitioner perform?

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitor news stories about clients.
  • Call and email guests and media to invite to events.
  • Book and confirm vendors, caterers, etc.
  • Check in said guests at events.
  • Create pitches, press releases and statements.

What attributes should an entertainment PR practitioner have?

  • Be detail-oriented. Remember to double, even triple check spelling because you don’t want your client, a new up-and-coming singer, to be spelled wrong by the media who cover the story.
  • Take pride in work. Put 100 percent effort into your job, no matter if it’s addressing envelopes to setting up for a pre-party, do your best work.
  • Stay calm, cool and collected. Try your best to control the inner fangirl in you to maintain a professional behavior.

What tips should an entertainment PR practitioner know?

  • Know who’s who and what they do. Be familiar with your client, nothing is worse than when you aren’t prepared.
  • Understand budget implications. Failing to mail a package on time means more money wasted on express shipping.
  • You are never a guest at an event. You have a job and it isn’t done until your boss tells you to go home.
  • DO NOT DRINK AT AN EVENT. You will get fired.

Entertainment PR has more than meets the eye. It’s an industry full of excitement and opportunities to show off your communication skills and yes, as a bonus there will be plenty of “OMG, it’s (fill in celebrity name)” moments.


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