Oh Snap(chat): There is a New Challenger

Photo courtesy of Upshot by GVL Ltd.

It’s the morning after an awesome night out on the town and you want to upload that selfie of you and Sarah from last night. But oh wait, it’s not on your phone. Now you have to wait for Sarah to wake up and send it to you. Well, not anymore.

Thanks to the app, Upshot, there’s no more waiting for your friends to send you pictures (or you being bombarded to send 48 photos to all your friends). The app does the work for you and your friends, giving you complete access to a shared camera roll for group events.

Upshot is a private photo album that allows you to autoshare pictures and videos, which then gathers them into a live stream for you and your friends.

Developed by the team who created the app, Togethera, a family photo sharing app, CEO and co-founder of Togethera, Sokratis Papafloratos, said, “It’s a way to be in the moment, because the technology is doing the sharing for you.”

Here’s a quick guide to using the app:

  1. Create an event
  2. Invite friends
  3. Turn on autoshare- your friends too.
  4. Take pictures and videos using your phones’ camera or even save Snapchats.
  5. Pictures are posted automatically to the event
  6. View, like and comment on photos and videos.

Just FYI, you can turn off autoshare anytime, but your photos won’t be uploaded to the event stream. The uploaded photos disappear after seven days. The reason behind it is that the app creator knows that “some relationships don’t last that long.”

The app also lets you and those you invite to sync photos to Facebook events. This could benefit companies who are looking to capture photos from all attendees. The public relations team wouldn’t have to sift through hundreds of photos, but could easily pick the ones they want to use.

The concept is admirable, making it known as the “snapchat for events.” But honestly, the Snapchat and Upshot are quite different. Photos aren’t individually sent to friends in the app rather they are shared to build a digital photo album.


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