Sony Music Receives Criticism for Inability to #FreeKesha

Photo by Roy Rochlin and courtesy of Getty Images

Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is in full PR crisis mode and regrettably, there isn’t a whole lot the music corporation can do according an article by Polly Mosendz, a writer for Bloomberg Business.

Pop singer, Kesha Serbert filed a lawsuit in 2014 against producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald after he emotionally and sexually abused her. With the recent court decision that denied Kesha her release from her current contract, thousands of people are now bashing Sony for supporting rape with #SonySupportsRape.

Legally, Sony isn’t to blame. Serbert’s record contract is tied to Gottwald because she signed with him and his three record companies including Prescription Songs LLC, Kasz Money Inc., and Kemosabe Records LLC.

The cross with Sony comes into play because Sony Music owns Kemosabe Records, where Gottwald is CEO. Sony merely has a “music furnishing negotiation” with Kesha and isn’t in a position to negotiate directly with her contract. The article said, “the company couldn’t drop Sebert if it wanted to.”

Gottwald holds all the power. But, that doesn’t mean the public is holding back. A massive amount of support for the singer sparked on social media. The hashtags #FreeKesha and #IStandWithKesha trended on Twitter along with a petition with over 246,718 signatures to free her creative rights. Taylor Swift offered $250,000 for Kesha’s legal bills, while Lady Gaga spoke out to defend her story.

The social movement has caused celebrities and the public to question Sony’s ethics. The company has the ability to do the right thing and stand up for women’s rights. If they don’t, potential artists to the label could question its treatment toward clients because what kind of business would make another person work with his or her’s alleged abuser. It is flat out disturbing and heart wrenching.

Sony has the ability to change this PR nightmare into a dream. Its first step would be to support her and use social media, the platform that turned this issue public, and change the trending hashtag from #SonySupportsRape to #SonySupportsWomen.

Come on Sony, this is your chance to influence the music industry for the better.


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