Five Social Media Lessons to Learn From Celebrities

Photo courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres

What do Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Vin Diesel and Beyoncé have in common, besides stardom of course?

They have an amazing presence on social media because A-list celebrities know that likes on Instagram and re-tweets on Twitter really do matter. Most can claim that their fame came with the help of social media. But gaining a following isn’t enough, these stars effectively and continually brand themselves and engage with their followers.

They know exactly what they are doing and have “mastered the art of online self-promotion.”

Luckily, Deepa Seetharaman, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, gave us an all-access pass to five of the social media strategies celebrities most frequently use.

  1. The best of the best celebrities on social media are well aware that every platform is different. You’ll want to make use of two or more social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. but that doesn’t mean your message should be the same on each platform.

Celebrity Example: Rihanna is all about diversifying her channels. On Instagram, she posts stylish designer headshots to show a more behind-the-scenes look of her glamorous lifestyle. However, on Snapchat, she tells a completely different story. It’s a more real, down to earth story highlighting her as “Regular Rihanna” because of its raw, unedited content.


**Instagram photo: @badgalriri, Snapchat photo: @RihSnapchat**

Remember: No one wants to see the same post over and over again.

  1. Once you’ve made a profile on a social media site, don’t disappear.

Celebrity Example: The social media maven, Kim Kardashian West built a career and an empire because she knows that her 41.1 million Twitter followers want as much content as possible. She has a platform and isn’t afraid to post on it.

Remember: Build a relationship with social media by posting content; your followers will thank you.

  1. Not only should you post daily, but you also need to keep tabs on your followers. It’s your job to monitor your profile and engage with them by liking, commenting and sharing other posts because communication is a two way street.

Celebrity Example: In the Instagram world, Miss Taylor Swift is commonly known for commenting on her fans’ posts about, well her favorite subject, love. It goes to show you that she appreciates and acknowledges her audience.

Remember: Interact with followers or else you’re going to lose them.

  1. With social media, comes great responsibility, so don’t be overly promotional. Partake in the conversation by commenting on current events and participating in “throwback Thursday” posts. It’s fun and it boosts your credibility by being timely and trendy.

Celebrity Example: Vin Diesel does post a trailer for his new film, but he also shares pieces of his daily life as well. He uses his Facebook page to post an assortment of posts; you could say the posts are well-rounded.

Remember: It’s OK to capitalize on events, people, news and things around you because promotional posts get old.

  1. The final lesson to learn is to craft a narrative because you have the power to control what people are saying about your company or client. If controversy does arise, take action immediately.

Celebrity Example: The Queen B herself, Beyoncé is a champion at stopping bad publicity in its tracks. She took to Instagram with photos of her and her happy family after rumors spread that she was getting a divorce. #SoNotTrue

Remember: You can fix a problem directly, just be honest and upfront about it.

Don’t be afraid to get a celebrity (social media inspired) makeover, so that you can better impact your company’s and client’s social media platforms.



One thought on “Five Social Media Lessons to Learn From Celebrities

  1. Great blog post! I think that these are all incredibly important lessons that everyone on social media should understand, especially PR majors like ourselves. Celebrities can be such big role models for people and especially those with thousands to millions of followers on social media, it’s crucial that they maintain a good image online for all of their fans. It’s incredibly important because they are under constant scrutiny, and social media can be such a dangerous world. Well done!

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